Experienced Life
2016-12-13 22:21:13 (UTC)

Missed my X-mas Party

Work was crazy today. I had to do some research that had something to do with our new "Cloud" environment. Lol, little do people know that the "cloud" just means it's on someone else's computer. I stole that comment from a T-shirt I saw :)

I even bought all these raffle tickets too. Dang!!! More upset at myself since getting out there into the world and mixing it up is the only way I can maybe possibly with a small outside chance of meeting someone. Not going to work and going home to like a hermit. I always hesitate typing in hermit or kermit. I sometimes forget which one is the frog :) lol. shit!!

Anyway, last night was out dart league night. We did awesome. We're way in front of our division now and it would take a big ass slump for my team to not take first this season. Apparently, I had Dominos delivered to me last night since I saw a box of half eaten pizza on the dining room table. Must've had a lot to drink last night. Well, at least it's better than waking up to someone you don't know in the morning.

And as far as sleep last night? Yup, getting plastered sure does take away the nightmares. That and some memory loss from the night before :)

Anyway, still a little bummed that I didn't make our work's Christmas party. I was all dressed up and looking spiffy. I don't mind really since all my dress pants have somehow shrunk around the waist and it's not the most comfy feeling in the world. Again, I'm thankful that we don't have a dress code at work and can come in wearing jogging pants if I want. I call them jogging pants and it gives me some self esteem instead of calling them sweat pants :)

That's it for now diary. Nothing too glamorous but at least it's a drama free day. No ransacking of the house. No cleaning up from a hurried move. All my things are exactly where I left them before I went to work. It's the little things in life that can sometimes make your day.

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