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2016-12-13 19:43:22 (UTC)

the one where i got 0 hours sleep

hey sorry its been a while but ive just had so much going on so much to think about so many things that just fly round in my head...

so first things first i moved home for Christmas on sunday, which was okay a little bit of night mare a i didnt really pack very wisly not gonna lie. i went out to a house party the night before on the saturday, it was such a weird night and actully the party was a bit shit! i dont know why i stayed so late i think its because i felt like thats what i had to do thats the norm thing to do after a stressful time is drink. well i drunk and drunk and it never hit me not at any part of the night did i even feel tipsy. its annoying because i really wanted to make out with this boy, who i thought liked the look of me aswell but then he started snogging laura and lets just say i cant compete with her!

so i moved back home hung over as shit... running on like 2 hours sleep and i just chill when im home seen a few family members all going good.

i had work the next day... working with eva... bit awkward at first but hey... then... manager, was yep JAMIE ugh and there it is... dont worry i hate myself for it too. hate myself for letting him get into my head... i fricken love that man but eva told me he has a new fav girl... fucking abbey wood... anghards sister... shes an annoying little brat.... apparently but then why does he like IT i thought he would have had more of a type than that,so i said to myself that i wanted to be myself be a happy as i can be but after discovering im a miserable bitch that really hates people but works in retail i dont know how much is going to work...

on another note i re connected i guess started speaking to a guy called tom that i have been speaking to for a while, he is amazing and hes rough and tough and a bit of a bad boy and i really like it... i know its bed because ive just written a para on jamie but im young free single haha but i think i made a bit of a mistake, i was on the phone to him for like 11 and 1/2 hours... started the call at 10:30 pm finished it at 10 am we just talked and talked actully he talked and talked which is good because normally hes quite and i really like listening to his huskey voice... but yes so that was interesting darkest secrets creeping out deep convos at 3-4 am... but i can honestly say even though i felt drunk afterwards i had the best time talking to him, we just get on. we get on so well its disgusting but i love it. hoping we can do it again soon.

selina xxx

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