always wth love

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2016-12-13 09:08:12 (UTC)

White Elephant night :)

Over the weekend, Friday night we had gone back to bible study it was White Elephant, the house was packed of people there. I honestly spent time wth my boyfriend on the couch i didn't want to breakaway from him, we watching some of his shows oh is phone. He held my hands didn't want let go of me. I saw M she cut her hair it looks hella good, also saw Victoria she back permanently, she was looking for me when I've been away. Aww that nice of her. I update her on my new status and talking college of course and my finals. She said will pray for us in our relationship and college. Honestly felt so blessed to see her.
I wish I can tell you what happened on our Saturday I promised him wouldn't say anything. I will say this hes good making feel special with his own charm that he does too good at it. He's surprises me each time I have no words. Am deeply in love with my man.

I hope I see him this Friday again for bible study, i cant wait for that.