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2016-12-13 07:55:04 (UTC)

Gone Wrong!

Gone Wrong! It started on Sunday night , I lost money when I was out I didn't realized I lost it, till it was too late. She was yelling at me at the top of lungs, I tired to explain it to her that I don't have it, at all. She screamed at me until felt nothing at all, there's tension in the house now. She puts my birth mom in this situations but it made it worse! I don't know what how am gonna hold myself together over Christmas and New years? I have been shut out to speak to her. She said tried of recusing me, I felt hurt because she its constantly reminding me of my pasted issues, it gets old after while. She threats me at the worst of timing possible, I don't know how will be then. So we'll see how I will make it through it in days.... She throws in my man in it, he doesn't deserve it, he has done nothing wrong! She also said what does he see in you? Wow, Really? you gone too far, if I had said something nearly close I would be slapped across the face. (That did happen to me before, I wasn't in the mood cause I had a final less than 24 hours!?!) So see.
Last night I ate late dinner that's when I heard come in, and I tired to say "Hi" she just ignored me and gave no reply. it was totally cold shoulder, still is this morning. I ever felt more alone at night when night fall sets in, lucky I have my man in my dreams.