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2016-12-12 11:34:26 (UTC)

The waiting process begins

I woke up 5 mins before my alarm gone off then i tired to breathe but i honestly known it had be an panic attack :( I didnt have time process this but i know it was right. I barely spoke to anyone i kept my
distant, i dont know how made myself eat breakfast, my stomach was in knots!!! I texted my birth mom to pray for me and it helped i know God hear those words of scared baby girl. My boyfriend has faith in me too, he know i will pass this Final Exam today :/ I give it to God, i really do, i dont have an choice.

So heard from my math teacher will post latter today?
Am unsure what to feel at first, but i honestly give it to the Lord.

Next Final is Thursday of this week, extra credits still open until 12/14.

I still feel knots in my stomach!!! :(

Melanie Martinez - Pity Party
Melanie Martinez - Mad Hatter