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2016-12-07 11:05:13 (UTC)

How can i do this Final on Monday?

How can i do this Final on Monday, please help me!?! I am so anxious that i cant bare this hurt again! i need 106 points out of 200 in order to pass this math class i cant get another damn D again! I will breakdown and constantly cry to put i might leave myself back into depression again.
Am unsure what am going be doing now? i havent felt this time fear since i was young when my life broken me and i couldnt stay face the reality. I know how to describe to myself than how i will say it out loud! to my boyfriend give me that please i just dont have a clue?

I have seen Rebekah she broken down my conversting thing for me. I see her again on tomorrow in the library so she can review it/