always wth love

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2016-12-06 14:13:10 (UTC)

what today to appeared to be...

So how do you feel today? Am fine, I ran late for my exam for my health class. It was 50 questions and No. It wasn't timed thank goodish for that, I would've been much worse for me. So now I gotta study hard for the final exam!....I felt meh but its alright cause I have found that I cope better wth music earbuds in my ears. I just feels unbearable today it might be cause has been overcast all day No! rain has folded under me but its good right? I have to say I that I its been weird December so far.

Two hours ago I saw an old classmate Jasmine haven't seen her in 3 years from last time I seen her when I was 19, I think??? It felt so good to see an familiar face. We ALL are getting ready for our finals for next week. We talked for while and I met an friend of hers that I seen a few times from our college.

On the way there to the college I was thinking of my boyfriend in a naughty way again it had a DIFFERENT EFFECT on me than this time around. I will be more in love than I had been pasted weekend. I cant wait to wrap my arms around you. Take our time like we've done that fun night.

We present on Thursday we only have 5 mins to explain what our the effects of "hookah" that has college students curious? Wish us luck!

Tonight. I'll be studying for our exam and texting my man too.