The Rat

2016-12-06 04:53:08 (UTC)


It's the middle of the night and I wake up feeling like shit.

Why is the light on still?

I realize I'm face down on my bed fully dressed with my heavy winter coat on, boots still strapped to my feet and feeling awful.

I peel myself from my bed and try to gather what happened.

Jamie was playing a show and we all went out to see him play. How'd I get a burrito? Whatever. Anyways, we're all at the show and I remember seeing my friend Rob and we both were spinning around and smashing into people.

After the show some girl in a babydoll dress from one of the bands kept touching my sweater and seemed overly interested in my stories but I don't care because I'm always thinking of someone else. Definitely wasn't thinking about the babydoll girl.

I woke up with some book beneath me. It's a work book about mental health and it was signed by the author.

"Better Day's Are Coming"

I ate the burrito, kicked my boots off, and stared at the wall. It was a Tuesday. Work tomorrow.


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