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me and my life
2016-12-03 16:41:11 (UTC)

Life is better

Its been sooo long havnt written, life has changed touchwood in good terms. M blessed with lovely adorable caring n ubercool boy friend beat friend and a soul mate. Yes i memtioned blesses coz i try feel so.. he is that much to me. Love u v so much. Our rapport is very good. We look after each other he does so so so much for me. He pamper me, love me, motivate and bring out good out of me. Mom n sis too likes him n soon he will get settled n we will get married. I thank god for giving him in my life..
Shambhavi n priyesh ignored me n had conspiracy of doing so with me. They behaved really bad. N i am hurt. They say m changed so det did so. But wen i felt so i prederred talking abt it rather than making assuptions like dey did. Anywaya god bless them.
Search of job is just never ending story for me. Phewwwwww
Have put on lot now m 53kg n wanna cut down till 48 specially need to work on my tummy. M so determined. It will b hars but have to do for my fitness.