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2016-12-03 00:48:20 (UTC)


Even I'm at a loss of words and I'm not even sure what to do anymore. Maybe going away for half a year would be ideal, maybe I'll be able to get a fresh perspective on where I stand in life. But I would be escaping from my problems, right? Maybe. Time keeps moving as I watch everything around me change. Up until now I've been unaware of how many burdens I've been putting onto myself, the stress that I couldn't feel, the emotions that felt normal and losing control of everything in sight. I remember five months ago, one morning I had woken up from my slumber but the next thing I noticed was what I held in my hand, hair. Constantly, hair fell. Times where I'd walk and couldn't stand, my fingertips as cold as the edge of a window sill. I should have realized it back then but what does it mean? Whatever it is that you're doing, you should know that it started working in that exact moment and time. That is why I can not forget.

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