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2016-12-02 08:24:28 (UTC)

We take the leap

I when I got home from out with my family, last night by boyfriend text me, I was surprised by in way that was kinda of expecting it to happen too. So he told that we get to see each other tomorrow night! Yay! He made really happy girlfriend I couldn't stop smiling from what he said too, his personality has grown so much. So he said "we" are ready to take that leap! I was like Wow! this cant be happening last night but it very much so did. I cant wait to see him and give a big hug, he's hugs are so warmth, he also said to me he was wish with me. Honestly my heart just melted with so much love that there's no words cant describe how I feel bout James. I told him he's the one!. He was speechless because I didn't see it coming. It just felt like the perfect time to tell him and make it worth his while.
We also talked bout his final that he now taking today and another on Sunday the last bit on next week so that's not too bad, right. He feels less stressed bout' his final that really good to hear, that has bother us both considering its a officially Finals are here now.
Am going Christmas shopping for him, am so thrilled to do it for my boyfriend. This is so makeup for his birthday the email birthday card I sent him before his birthday so, yeah I think I did a good job as being girlfriend to him.

I LOVE U! James A.
I so cant wait to see you tomorrow night.
A year and two months! :D