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2016-12-01 08:35:48 (UTC)

December 1st

To face where you might stand in all the chose and drama in the world, we much as human beings might see it as breaking each other apart from one another by there family background. Or where we live, its so easily torn to pieces i cant see it future looking any better before i become 30 old woman and have a family of mine own. Our world is so broken :(

Last night we have talked bout 4hrs, it was more bout finals then us ever seeing each other this time around. It was timing is breaking us apart i couldnt deeply felt so weak by it. I had put what was the real focus of the matter thats passing my exams next week, so that means study and breathe throughout each hour of that vary day. To guide me though this daze of failure that might approach me in at worst time possible.
I am locking up my fears for 3 weeks hopefully God hears my prayers and guides through a good semester will left up this curse of an loop.

Oh yeah, I'd spoke to Sarah again, she getting ready for finals too soon its sea no friends no fun nites, just the note cards in study guide to help you accomplish what you have set out for. She also mentioned in her email bout' bible study to me too...huh? i dont know type thing. It just feels so odd now! Considering has shifted in the 2 months time you know.

So plans over this weekend...Are quite oblivious study all and hopefully be proud of myself once again that all i really am asking for now days.