always wth love

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2016-11-30 11:02:52 (UTC)

Damn I do or Damn I dont!

Epic disappointment! :(
I saw Rebekah again we talked bout' classes bout for spring coming soon.
We had conversations bout ex's and guys in general clean and fun. Oh yeah larissa was there too.

She taking a gap semester i understand her reason but i will miss you deeply i know i would.
I hope i see Rebekah again fingers crossed bout that for now.

I heard from M again, she asking bout bible study again? i havent gave it much thought cause my finals are coming up, i just want be wth him.So am gonna wait and see.

Yellow(ish)eyes replied back, she thought it already happened but didnt occurred yet bout the kiss. She asked another question BUT i wont say anything. So sorry.

Final Dates:
12/12 --->8-10am for Math 55
12/15 --->10-12pm For HS 121

Last night we talked, it was bout 3 hours until i said goodnight. it was worth it.