2016-11-30 02:07:08 (UTC)


I never thought another human being would be capable of loving someone like me. Love is a scary thing. For a long time I saw love differently. The love I’ve experienced from others has been permanently engraved into my mind. Because of that I’ve feared the word “love”.
Does love mean being completely closed off from the world and being locked up in a cage by whom is suppose to keep you at bay?
Does love mean having to be thrown to the side while you watch them with another?
Does love mean watching over the one you adore while they see you only as a one-sided fling?
Does love mean being taken advantage of and being robbed of the one thing you can no longer get back?
Does any of these indicate what love really is?
Why do I tremble as I breathe the same air as them?
It hurts because I thought that was what “love” was.

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