The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2016-11-29 05:09:57 (UTC)

For all those hurting

Hey journal- One last update I want to address.

I have friends and multiple strangers and stories I've heard of self harm.
Whether it's cutting, burning, drugs, drinking, listening to sad music to get more sad (Which I tend to do to really feel the emotions)

It's a hard thing to go through, especially when you keep it to yourself and feel this miserable pain alone. I've thought about doing all these things but instead I would just choose to sleep instead. (maybe that's a option if you want to get yourself from indulging in cutting, drugs, drinking, burning yourself, etc.)

I tell myself "Instead of doing (Whatever I'm thinking of doing at that moment in time) the best thing for me to do is clear my head before making a decision like this" A clear head makes me not want to do it.

Another thing I want to say is. Ask for help. I know it's hard and it's the most common thing told to people who are hurting. but believe or not 98% of people understand. We all have gone through shit!! Telling someone you know who will care pays off that hardship of baring it alone.

Don't allow yourself to the victim of your demise. Not telling just lets this pain drag on. And if you did tell everyone you knew would care and do something- then I understand more. But I promise you if you haven't told anyone like a friend, counselor, parent, family member PLEASE DO. I told my parents about my depression and they understood and helped me through that hard time.

I cried multiple times and couldn't get myself to do it- until I pushed myself and did it. It hurt. I couldn't look them in the eyes because I wanted to cry. So believe me, I understand. But that was the same damn day my life got better!! I got medication and it helped for a while until I decided I didn't need them anymore. SO IT DOES GET BETTER BABIIEEEEES.:) If I can be this positive now but was a bloody mess then- WHO CAN'T?

As that lame quote of truth says- Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.

As the usual lame quote by me. Love ya babes, See ya next time.
- Katie