The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2016-11-29 04:53:36 (UTC)


Hey Journal,
One thing I've learned throughout life- and tv shows/movies I SUPPOSE is.. We've all got problems. We've all got things we're dealing with- others aren't afraid to let out their emotions. While others keep it close to themselves.

Life is hard. Plain and simple. Complicatedly living.

But we've all have to learn to live with problems we cannot change. Like co-workers, families, siblings, others problems or addictions. We can't control others actions or how the world mysteriously works sometimes.

We all have a way of coping. Whether it's drinking, eating, crying, praying, dreaming, hoping, Music, sleeping, TV, Books, Movies, you name it!

Anyway, if you do have problems you can change and constantly think about it. You just have to get out of your comfort zone! If you want a raise and have been waiting to get one- ASK. If you want to talk to someone- JUST DO IT. You got nothing holding you back except yourself. Rejection is a part of life, it's just not always the answer you've been looking for. No. The word we fear most. No. The word we get told all the time. BUT IT'S JUST A WORD. Yes. Is also another word (Thanks, captain obvious- You're welcome)

Life is just a maze man, we are trying to get through it together. Remember no matter how attractive, wise, young, old, dull, we're just people in this world. And eventually we will all die. So live this bitch up now while you can. Ask questions, make choices, live this wondrous yet horrid life. You're not really living if you're living in the comfort zone throughout life.

Anyways, bye my champions. Be wise- or not- do what you want because after all this is your life! Take control, don't be a victim. Be a warrior. AS ALWAYS -Love Katie.

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