All of the days
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2016-11-29 00:14:39 (UTC)

The wind will blow me down

I have this oxymoron tat
I like the way Arabic looks
I am not looking at books to tell me who to love
It is not my place to point a finger
Yet it happens every fucking day
Why do we allow our minds to be controlled?
All my friends are "heathens"
I feel the pain of everyone
But then I feel nothing
Open your scream
Is it really up to me?
I screwed it up again
You left me alone
Cause Alejandro guided you the way that you wanted to see
Well...the way that you ingested it all best...
Was me with little and less
Double crossed
Left alone
With nothing to my name
It is on the table
Don't come any closer or I will have to go
I had my indignation but I still have my FREE thoughts
Calvary can NEVER touch that
I am STILL and ALWAYS will be FREE to believe

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