Experienced Life
2016-11-28 17:10:53 (UTC)

gone again

Well, I didn't write in awhile and I didn't want to mention it at all but it's my diary and this is my only way to find some sanity. I had let the kids stay with me in Sacramento. Ex came back in Sac and I was with them Since Sept. Well, I once again come into a familiar scene.

The kid's stuff is gone. Ex has moved back to Nevada. Same old scenario. No warning. No discussions. Nothing. My fault this time. I know better. I knew this was a temp thing and sooner or later, the ex would split once again. But I did have the kids for a few months and I'd rather take that than nothing at all.

I wish the kiddos well. I hope my ex dies and goes to hell!! lol. Time to clean up the ransacked house once again. Sigh....

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