always wth love

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2016-11-28 13:24:15 (UTC)


I have been home for while, winter is here to stay I saw his father again when coming off the bus... but I was uncomfortable as fuck! he asked how I been? his mother is still out so I think he felt free a bit. I don't know what to say now? He wants me come over again like I did on his graduation day it was different then we were friends "then"now we are a couple, So?... he had a vague question to me that my bf have asked three weeks ago? I honestly feel force to go over to do so now. am constantly lying to everyone including myself i know if could face to be really honest. BUT I hope can do it....eventually. He told me that he studying his finals, I already know but I didn't say that out aloud, cause I didnt say anything. He doesn't need to know. I wished I saw James instead because I might felt better.

Vicki texted me bout our assignment that is due on Thursday glad she remind me I needed that. I hope I don't loose myself again am burnt out!

So I wont bring it up to him, what me and his father discuss it was odd encounter. I still have think how i will be after this week is over.