always wth love

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2016-11-28 11:06:04 (UTC)

How was your thanksgiving???

How was your thanksgiving???

You can say i was fuckin' thirsty for you. Cause it was damn truth!:D I had a rough week not seeing you. i was broken to point of exhausted took over my mind of judgement. You said words to me to confront me in my darkness i lost by myself each time i wake up. I do have my fears that i might loose you when am soo damn depressed! But said those words again until i took em' as a girlfriend. We talked us hung out at your house watching a movie or a game than afterwards kissing me.
By friday it got worse i missed more but there wasnt nothing i could do, i had forgot i've plans that weekend. So yeah i took a pic for him wishing that were wth me.

His finals are this week, i wished him luck! i see him on Saturday, so am so pumped been two damn weeks!
In class today:
I see larissa something has changed bout her, i dont want caused anymore i felt hurt she didnt want help me out on some hmwk, why? I felt the tension by her thou.
I wish i was brave enough to talk her some more but i honestly couldnt bring myself to go there.
However, i spoke wth Rebekah she had a good thanksgiving, something bout her makes me very happy bout seeing her.

Finals are 2 weeks away so we'll see how i will feel bout that. i have last exam in math before the final so praying that will go will. Thats Monday.
Oh yeah binge watched One tree hill for the pasted week again! season 6 now.