The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2016-11-24 18:04:09 (UTC)

In with the new, in for a snooze

Hey Journal,
It's ya dog Katie.
It has been a while- and not much has happened.
Well except I decided to spontaneously get a new job. I really don't know what I'm in for. I'm really excited yet scared if I can handle 2 jobs and high school >.< Though my other job is working for my dad and it's only on weekend mornings. This job will actually be a job.

PRO: I'll be working with a friend:)
CON: It's new. New is scary. New is NEW!)-;
PRO: It's change. Change is bound to happen and make you grow
PRO: You're choosing to change and even it's bad its MONEY.
PRO: Moneeeey

Yeah that's currently whats in my head hahaa.


Do you ever get in those moods, or days, possibly months of "I really don't give a flying fuck anymore"? That's been me for a long while, it really sucks but is a good thing because not much bothers you anymore. BUT then again it kind of ruins relationships with people /:

I haven't ruined any YET, I just get in this really pissy mood sometimes and be sarcastic and that's not me! I NEED TO BE NICE. I am to my friends but my family I get cruel sometimes and in my head it's like "apologize c'mon it's not worth this drama" then my mouth says another! I feel awful for it but part of me is like "they treat'cha like poop wrapped in clothes" IS THIS WHAT BEING A TEEN MEANS? lol I'm 17- a little late for this shaninigans.

ANYWAY I gtg but I'll definitely be writing later. Love y'all always journal,