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2016-11-22 08:32:26 (UTC)

those days appear

About last night it was all in my head? i have felt myself difting away from people so much its coming pathetic, i totally blankout what has going on? So havent felt confident bout it. So when do i say that i need your help. I cant erased what already done but i gotta whats causing it? Now that am in relationship with my bf itd harder than before isnt just me its with another human being. It took forever for me to get out of bed for second day this week, am too weak and exhausted....i climb back into bed bout 3 different times to gather some warmth. its crazy cant you see what i mean? I often feel unsure am anymore. I ask again do you seen a changed in me? for the better but i dont think i have at all. i think i need therapy now?! :(