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2016-11-21 11:11:10 (UTC)

I text him last night in my room i told am..

I text him last night in my room i told am sorry that got badly depressed. he said dont worry its ok. i felt so terrible because his my boyfriend, i dont how feel confident but early at 12am on sunday while was still on Netflix i text my friend Noami she gave me advice go to therapy i have heard those words before but this time in particular it was the damn time to take in that. i need see if i get worse again next month then ill tell my mom.
Am glad i have my bf in my life, i was surprised that gone to bed and got some sleep... i think my mom bf notice i wasnt myself either. i act different when am there cant help it . he woke up me up i dont how that happened but it did, i then i wake up somewhere at 2 something in the morning.
I honestly didnt know it poured last night but it truly did thou. i didnt know that at all.I guess because i felt so shitty and missing people that knew me first before i got lost again.