CrAzY LiFe!!
2001-10-10 21:26:11 (UTC)

A while

I guess my dad had decided to take away our comp. or aol
anyways so I have no web acsess besides school and the
library in town which I am at now....I dont have 2 much 2
talk about I llike this guy Cody now...Cody S. I talked
about him in my earlier entries on of them. I talked 2
Shelby 2!! I was so happy only cuz his birthday is on
Thursday (tomrrow)!! So I'm sending his present in the mail
tomorrow! Anyways....We didnt talk about much hes gunna send
he some pics of him so I can finally see what he looks like
and a note he wrote me in one of his classes I think it was
History but I'm not sure! and from tomorrow my birthday will
be in 23 days!! yay!! Anywho me and Mark are still friends
hes kinda creppy though cuz he wrote this song about me
saying like come back to me...its creepy. He wants me to go
somewhere with him Fri. night to a haunted house or
something...But anyways thats about it Wish me luck with
Cody.!!! Later!!