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2016-11-20 23:17:21 (UTC)

the one where im snappy

yep thats right past few days ive been a tad snappy past few days... but in all fairness im still ill and ive had to work every day... 2am finish 00:30 finish day then close tomorrow i mean ugh i know im good at my job buttt dont make me work stupid hours every day!!! i miss my family, i wanna go home im sick and im done with uni motivation gone i just wanna be finished and i wanna go home and spend time with my little nephews. so im a bit of a debby downer today wasting my life on youtube haha but yeah that date i went on was not really okay tbh he was cringe and kept trying to tickle me... and im not even ticklish like wtf dont tickle me then realise im not ticklish and then try 5 more times... fml

anyway im off to die in a corner night peeps x