A Little Life
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2016-11-20 04:33:55 (UTC)


I work at a coffee shop and my coworkers are all awesome people-- very nice and funny, etc. The only thing is that (as with any new social situation) I feel so awkward and stiff around them! I find it really hard to crack jokes like they do, and feel like I give off the impression of a very stoic, poker-faced person :/ I hate coming across like that.
Sometimes it gets me down and I feel bummed out, but other times (like today) I feel a little better about it and resolve to keep working at making friendships at work (or at least just talk to my coworkers more).

I really like the fact that working in a public space with lots of people makes me feel like my world is a little bit bigger.

Tonight, a few friends of mine hosted a pre-Thanksgiving dinner in their dorm room. It was a big dinner party and everyone brought a different dish! I cooked brussel sprouts and stuffing (from a mix lol). And they even made a whole turkey and pumpkin pie!

Something I struggle with in life is making close friendships. But tonight was really nice and I've been noticing that I feel more at ease around my friends here this year. And we've been doing more fun stuff together this year, like movies, concerts and dinners. So, I'm happy about that :) I think I'll make a post about all the things I'm thankful for soon (for Thanksgiving!) It's important to take note of your blessings and cherish them.