Experienced Life
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2016-11-19 12:09:20 (UTC)

Life Skills

I have to say that I've developed some life skills that are pretty helpful. Is it a proud skill to have? No, I don't believe it to be nor is it something to be proud of. Great life skills are things like getting along with your kids, inspiring them to do better in life, giving them great tips in life so that they can be great people one day.

Nope, my life skill is being able to cope with crappy life situations. Feeling bad? Shitty news? Crappy events unfolding? No worries. Somehow I'm able to receive it and toss it to the side mentally faster than most people. Not hiding it but understanding the situation and pushing the negativity to the side. So I've learned a great skill. However, it's not a skill to be proud of. I know. It means that I'm just better at dealing with crap, stress, shitty situations, or whatever.

I so wish I had other skills instead. Not a skill that deals with bad things. I wish I could mingle and have people just enjoy hanging out with me because I have a good aura or something else that's more fun. Not this.

So today, I hear some negative news. I should be pissed all weekend. Instead, I feel it, absorb it, and ten minutes later, my mind is at ease and I'm shaken it off.

I just wish I was fighting in the life for more productive things. Not just being able to deal with crap. sigh..... I know it won't get any better soon. I try to find avenues to not be in this rut. I am but it's not easy to self assess yourself sometimes.

Some people say that your friends are what you are. Well, I have some great friends. Lovem to death and I've been great friends with some of them for almost 20 years now but always find new friends throughout the years. So I guess I can't use that parameter.

That's all I have for now diary. Usually I post late at night but it's a very rainy day today so it's not a sunshine and unicorns type of day today.