A Little Life
2016-11-19 03:48:16 (UTC)

Observation of a Person #1

There's this guy at work named Stew who's sort of a janitor. He's on the older side, maybe 50s, and has very big ears--looks a little mouse-like. Anyway, he has pretty severe short term memory loss. Every day he goes up to the cash registers and orders either a Mocha or a Mocha Blanca drink and each time he says, "I've never tried this before!" What must that be like? To never remember what you have and haven't tried... it makes me a little sad to think about. I've had to introduce myself to him at least five times already. It makes you appreciate things that your brain can do that you completely take for granted.

I have a feeling I'll be writing about a lot of interesting people on this website because there are a lot of interesting people in this world. So I will give these entries the name of: Observation of a Person.