always wth love

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2016-11-18 11:26:55 (UTC)

Flashes blinding me

I had gotten an text my sis yesterday and earlier thus morning hopefully to talk a bit more but, I understand our lives its so busy no time to speak at 5:20am.

Am almost with my homework still waiting on my grade in math. Ugh!!!

Oh on sunday am getting hair done again good time too I'll be ready for my bf in a week. I really want look good for him.

Well that's all I have for now. of that matter.... I missing my girl rachele so much more. I often wish where she had gone don't know where?

I often look back in rewind whats gone wrong but, all I can really do is stop being such a child and be an woman for once.
Am 22 N' want a family of my own to feel what should've gotten as a kid. I also feel good bout who am now, I do believe in that part of me, I have accepted.

Oh yeah now on season 3 of "One Tree Hill" have been binge watching since last Saturday and it'd fallen into an habit this week on Netflix.