always wth love

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2016-11-18 09:55:05 (UTC)

Deep in love with you, James

Back and forth... I haven't able say much because am thinkin' of you! constantly to the point. It brings so much love I cant magic. Those simple lines everybody heard too much to damn count. You said those cheesy lines to me have me in deeply in a spell of you. I seen your personality change still finding you more attractive than anyone could picture. It was my turn to ask an hypothetical question? it was another travel one, I enjoy it. I felt every word in my ears in his arms of course sitting there with you. I often forget where am because of you become my new life as in the future. I smile more when I say your name. I also know that am ready 4 take the leap? I often thinking us in one place and ever going back... that bad I want you. I said things that makes you speechless I cant stop when am really thirsty to point I just want you close to me. I act very dirty because it took time to drop of my first impression of you. Now I don't remember so much anymore but you its often known as our history came to be. I often feel so embarrassed and lousy friend back then to you James. When you go back how we first met :( I know now that am getting better in our relationship. I think of you first each time and before myself.
I told you am gonna talk less because I want grab you first than talk less but you've no idea loose my lips my body feels close to you. when am in my house I feel close to but when am around you couple hours aren't enough anymore. I beg myself not think to far out but I cant help it. You turnt me on with those eyes. At night its harder because I think X rated I cant count how much thought that way quite too much to be recorded, am assuming.