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2016-11-18 11:50:25 (UTC)

the one where i've been ill...

so i promised myself i would write everyday but you know what that is just not gonna happen because ATM unfortunately i have a busy bloody life... and as much as i try i'm not perfect far from in fact and you know what that's okay... because i'm fricken trying my best over here and yeah i need a break every now and then. i miss my family like crazy but maybe i just miss having people round me that i know love me that i know wanna spend time with me... and you know what i don't have to try. anyway now i have a date in an hour i'm in my pjs and can hardly talk... tbh i don't even wanna go he freak me out a little but everyone deserves a chance right... the person i cant get out of my head is one of my manager at work... Jamie... ugh hes so awkward and peculiar... and i'm slightly in love with him... only problem is he is my boss and the fact i don't think he loves me back... kill me... when ever i spend time with him on shift i just act like a dick... clumsy and a tiny bit of an idiot.. ughhh i spoke to him on the phone and he forgot who i was... doesn't look good does it. i fell in love all over again.

anyway ill be spending more time with him over Christmas so we shall see how that goes... and ill keep you updated.

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