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2016-11-17 10:03:09 (UTC)

End of the Beginning...3

Dear dairy,
So I woke up at 12:13am to go pee but i was on day 2 of course. I was inn soo damn pain cause i was cramping so fuckin bad!!!!!!!!!!! Ow is isnt the damn best fit but, its all i got. Oh yeah very nausea as fuck! i tired my best to breathe its hurts.

Last night, i started to talk more kinder than ever! i could tell that for sure, i was horny as fuck because am on it. i wanted his arms around me once again, i sent out first text saying "Hey boyfriend" and his reply was good for me "Hey gf". he thought of me and our future, the leap is going best part because am ready. We talked bout next plans after the turkey day, so cant wait until i have Him then.

Just in 2 weeks!

Kitty wasn't here yesterday,am assuming its work. oh yeah, i told bout her to him bout that. He was cool with it.

I often start disappear faster is it because my depression probably what it really is. Hoildays are a test for me cause i can easily loose myself faster enough to locked away.

Oh I've thought a name for a daughter Brooke Spencer. Well still tryin find one for a boy name.
I havent told him that been thinkin this far, yet it was supposed to happen in last weekend.

Later -V