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2016-11-16 11:13:34 (UTC)

How i feel bout occurred this morning, i..

How i feel bout occurred this morning, i forgot once again my period is back again. i totally fucked up! cause usually aware of what am going to say to him but wasnt focused on it. I want to know why??? Is because he said "I love you" twice over text, maybe that what it is. i honestly dont know for sure thou, I said it first but it doesnt matter, right? Hes getting braver is my doing, so. Cause i have been falling apart faster to gather myself together AGAIN! So thats i feeel bout it i hate that i do but its the truth of the matter.

Okay, lets see, i have assignment we got finish up soon enough and wait and see what that real outcome could be? Ummm well am working wth a classmate girl name is Vicki.. i hope to hear from her soon....

Bout 2 years have watching Youtube subscribed well i think has been more BUT it doesnt matter right! My brother has shown me some good crap that always put me an good mood.
Here are the three of top best ones:

Jaiden Animations



Oh yeah am so draggy right now, ugh! i hate this part of woman body. shitty day!