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2016-11-15 10:08:55 (UTC)

I messed up so bad:( last night i surely..

I messed up so bad:( last night i surely did. I know i wasnt myself at all. I feel so like an idiot and selfish too. He told but an old classmate, he had with while he was still at same community wth that person....I know this because he told me once before, i had asked bout it, but had forgot bout that when he said that night on Saturday and last night too, it's been 3 months since she contracted him...he basically thought it was a panic attack, it wasnt at all. Then he asked why freak out bout' the classmate, i told him the truth i felt threaten bout her, i promised him not screw up what we had worked on up to this point. I barely slept last night, i fucked it up, i regret overacting but i did, i couldnt stop talkin' he said will text today. So time well tell? Ugh Grrr!!!!!!

It has been 9 weeks together and a year of friendship. So can you help on that please.