always wth love

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2016-11-15 09:38:40 (UTC)

Hey?! On Saturday night, it was odd turn off (Nov 12 part four)..

Hey?! On Saturday night, it was odd turn off where to say something alright. He knew something was up wth me on Saturday when had locked the door. He was greeting wth a smile i felt a bit happier i really did. i felt like crap at same time, we gone to see Dr. Strange but i tired to forget how i felt bout had announced my plans wth Him to my mom and her bf. i havent seen him in awhile. So we talk bout different things on way there. I was laying his lap on in the movies and lol so loud but, i didnt fuckin care' cause i was happy.

I saw my mom and her bf, our cousin and my brother had avoid them cause felt awkward how i felt bout night wth my bf. So he asked me if i was hungry for some snacks. No am not an ounce hungry i felt so numb and sick. I knew felt tension between what did he just step into... Yep. I felt pathetic girlfriend to him. So he had surprised me how he told me he had a dream what was oblivious thinkin curious now! He kept saying physical contracted too :)..Oh yeah we walked around the mall then grabbed a bite to eat. Well suddenly it had stopped because a police officer it was a woman pulled us over, we werent speeding at all. GOT NO TICKET either but still it so unbelievable it had happened on our night out. It was because hes drving his father broken ass car that barely works at all. His tale light on the passenger side was out so we had no choice to go straight home. Yes, we had nothing really interesting fun or different in our conversation considering what just happened. He had walked to my door but we almost kissed night but didnt a BIG fail!!!
I didnt go to bed until 2 in the morning and watched some more episodes of "One Tree Hill" on Netflix. i was so not happy at all.