A lady in the crowd
2016-11-15 06:24:12 (UTC)


I'm a proud 17 year old owner of a diary. It's been a humongous relief over these past three years to be able to express both my sorrows and outshining moments within these entries. It's also neat to travel back in time and read these details from my life that might've been forgotten. This timeline from 2014 to nearly 2017 is a reminder of how drastically everything can change in three years. No matter how much we want to remain the same and hold onto being a teenager forever, we change a lot when we're transitioning into adulthood.

The awkward, naive, and insecure girl looking staring back at me in the mirror from 2013 is history; I'm glad to say that I admire the young woman standing before me today.

~Yours Truly,