story of my life
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2016-11-11 16:22:23 (UTC)

Just a random feelings

Its been too long since i block her in facebook. i thought she will miss me, Did she? why i still thinking about her even though its almost 1000 days since i stop talk to her. All these days i used to think why i cant let her go? why i still thinking about someone who treat me worst? Hmmmm.. you know why? because i still remember each and every promises I was made to you. i told you that i wont let you go even though you stop talking to me, i told you that i'll be with you until you get married, i told you that i'll bring you out, i told you that i'll make you smile always. all those promises are not made not just for fun. i looked into your eyes while make those promises and all this promises was make you excited and you was looking forward for that moment. i am a gentleman and i am always be a gentleman. i knw love is not about picking a flower from garden, its about plant a garden. of course i failed. i just accept the fact. i dont even force you to like me? i was helped you as a friend. would you let me to fulfill the promises i have made to you ?
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