always wth love

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2016-11-10 09:06:13 (UTC)

End of the Beginning...2

Dear dairy, my brother woke me up at 3:33am wth the sound of water of the shower head. I was pissed because i was exhausted as fuck! I couldnt go back to sleep, i barely got out bed an time. Barely had time do anything else.

Yellow(ish)eyes said: Will this woman be able to play with your boyfriend?
Me:I hope so, its been hard find a bi girl or gay one in that, if i find one in time it will complete me i would be very happy.

Last night i wasnt in good mood. My mom and her bf asked whats up? Did you get an fight wth James? No. Its not it at all, its damn test on Monday

Before i left the house i decided to take some stem off, by watching an episode of "One Tree Hills" of season 2. Am still mad at my bf, she kept on space out on me! Id resent R there? bout twice. We plans last night for tmw night. He said he would make it up to me, by then. We'll see how that goes...