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2016-11-09 11:13:57 (UTC)

Day After The Election

I barely made again to class an time once again by the sake of the bus, i go to my college. I wasn't absent for second of this week.

Am a good liar i should be award i do it so well, I complain to her that am tired cause i havent enough sleep. But was more to it, I know that... i forgot i sent an email Yellow(ish) green eyes tellin' her i was lost?
Are you ok? What's going on? I just replied an long message back. Just a lot of rush of emotions are in my eyes once again, am so broken right now am still lost today too. I confessed to her cuz i trust her.
Y:Are you seeking a relationship with one man and one woman. Or is he not full filling what you believe a woman would ?
I bet it's hard sorting out your feeling right now, but I believe you might be ok. You will be ok.
my reply was short and straight up to the point. So what am gonna do, dont have a damn clue. :(
i just want cry so much more today, just cant cause I have III exam on Monday a load of homework to do too...

Odd encounter probably 10 mintues before class was over, two sheriffs they're tall and looked all mighty that came in our classroom they were highly rude too, the two classmates i was like WTF! Like we are sheriffs we come into classrooms all the times. Ah, okay whatever you say sheriff(its was all in my head),Wow you fuckin harsh man! There were 2 men, we were bit shaken up!

Did it really matter of OUR votes this election, i couldve vote yesterday but i didnt. I know we havent had the BEST choice between Hillary or Trump. I can see why my classmate Rachael said I dont see Hilary as a good woman for the role for the next 2 years. We all know now we have President Trump as our President and everybody wants to leaves the States because of Him! What are we gonna say now??? That had voted for him now just tell me? please am curious what you gotta say.