always wth love

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2016-11-09 07:15:22 (UTC)

We taken a leap closer

We went on our walk around the neighborhood, it was perfect.
So last night was OURS he made feel so good last night!, he talked bout our future it felt so real, he did a hypothetical questions came up?
If I took a trip, Span or Italy, what would you do? If id a gf in the States and I said something I would call you and ask all girls' questions and then probably GO OFF! on our dad....he asked me same thing I honestly didn't feel comfortable but, he wanted to know so I thought it was fair. If had met someone an another country if its a sexy girl or hot guy. I would give it 2 weeks if there's something bout' that person, who I would give that person. I would Face Time or Skype you back in the States and explain it to you why and I would explain an DEEP Letter to it will change if doesn't work out an in that country. I Would improved my relationship with James. He also said to me, we would both grow for that experience when that times comes.. I really don't want that to happen thou.... That I was scared am in love wth him, he said first if anything happens he'll let me know. he knew am in deep, we are each other first love. He's talks bout' the B.A progress he knew am still working on mine A.A. He seen my progress gosh love how good he sees me working hard. That's good, I feel good am working hard, he told I can pass just relax and go slower on exams so I can pass....Questions got deep more intimacy it was closer to his house when I felt ready to ask go to next level. I didn't get hear his respond cause it was it was a late call. But it felt right still:) I still gotta win over his parents I doesn't matter. Last night when I finally close my door I ate some tacos then, id text him until I could go to sleep. He called his girlfriend over text :D I was so shocked he surprised me!! I really enjoyed it. We talked bout his Xmas gift so that very easy enough cant wait to shop for my man!!! yay! I didn't tell him bout' her yet? I wasn't a good time too tell him, so ill wait on that.