always wth love

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2016-11-08 14:08:31 (UTC)

Wear it.

I wear it, well enough to hide my truth of my potential. I wear it so easily so loosely you might think something else have in my mind. I broken the rule but had to see him I couldn't wait until this weekend, so goanna go on a walk I need a break for while. Is that bad??? I see her tomorrow so I hope I feel less lost as I feel today. I hope she asked how I did on my exam that I took the other day? or anything that matter would be good for me. I wear it my doubts in my hands.

My priorities for this month are making it out alive to next semester. oh yeah taking it next level in OUR relationship.

I scheduled apt, wth my counselor talk bout FIDM so I wont have issues to transfer. BY surprise sweet lady thought I took a semester off. I think I should've done that when id graduate in 2013, its too late for that now.

Online final exam its 50 questions, open book and notes! for Health class a month away.

Next week on Monday have my III Test for math, just needed to slow down & recheck my answers before I turn it in. So wont mess up on the points!!!! Ugh.

Em said go bi girls or lesbos I will definitely will do.

an hour an half before I'd gone to do my exam watched RWBY vol 3. and finished the rest of Pitch of the episode of Wear it. It didn't record on our DRV I was soooo pissed off!!!

I so need a girlfriend also.