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2016-11-07 07:14:28 (UTC)

Run and Hide

I don't trust you? that what I heard over and over this weekend it had started it Friday night, when this took all my fears has been exposed, my sis "aunty" is bullying me with every time she could take. I couldn't do anything I knew she was still recovery from her surgery. I tired defeating myself it was hopeless. those eyes of hers torn me apart I couldnt grab myself together. She asked why haven't hanged out wth my bf and why I haven't gone to bible study and I've tired to explain I couldn't go she still doesn't see it. It felt I couldn't speak without feeling an idiot. She called me "Rudey" she talked down to me. It was like she dug up my mistakes to make herself good. You wonder why I cant talk to her...

Saturday I felt uncomfortable, I barely made an effort to say much, I kept in my room need to study for my exam for Tuesday she doesn't know I want to run when things get out of control. I felt so weak that I cant even speak my mind, its very pathetic.
Oh last night it was bitterness it started around 10am, in our neighborhood some bad kids are messin' wth cars putting all this crap on on my bf car.