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2016-11-03 09:12:05 (UTC)

6 years ago/a late night

6 years ago.....I have gone to hospital(yesterday at 11:00am) this time it wasnt me at all, it was my sis "aunty" she was there for 5 hours she recovering now, she have another surgery (it will before thanksgiving she isnt happy bout' it gotta happen health is more important, still dont when the next one will be). she was scared to go under but i had fate she would be fine. i was never scared i guess i had soo many surgeries b/c my cerebral palsy had my last one when i was 16(2010). We were on the 2nd floor and to check-in, it was cold as fuck in there... we didnt leave until 5pm i did some hmwk to pass the time. my mom bf sister daughter i saw her first time and her son and our cousin. anyway she is 16, very pretty she was mixed girl wore a green dress that shown each ounce her body and wore running shoes...she asked advice i give her the Do's and DONT'S she very smart girl! i see that, she plays sport a soccer.

I didnt get back until 6p am so out of it, id wrote my bf something to pass the time, i felt dirty because havent seen him an a week, i was horny. we texted for bit i felt distance a bit, i want to be wth him last night, i couldnt thou. He has a midterm this sunday and i have my exam 4 on tuesday.