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2016-11-02 06:49:54 (UTC)

11/1/16 Tuesday

Dad follow up. Everything good. Walmart returned the quad. Wendy's free frosty. Office. Dad going to meet with the woman met online. I didn't feel like going to return stuffs. 心情不好 because of R. 这种生活不开心也是没意思。came home. JZ was sleeping so let him slept until R came back. Heat up leftover food. He mentioned again what I want do with living situation and let's go see apartment this Saturday. I said bring back boxes I'll start packing. 看来这次是非走不可了。Wechat Yung. He told me to 低头 but I told him I already did last time. So 只有照计划进行了。washed dishes. Came up. He vacuumed definitely thinking 又多倒霉找了我。I shower. JZ won't go to sleep until midnight.