always wth love

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2016-11-01 10:37:23 (UTC)

Beautiful Kingdom

Beautiful Kingdom
Okay heres some more stuff, i gonna say for now.
Finals are almost here again... i feel good vibes, am still giddy from last night air wth my sis. its crazy it only took one night. my brother shown me an trailer of KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue - NEW Trailer (BbS 0.2 Opening). Childhood came back at perfect time!!!:D
Today i found out my registered date an week half away :( at
4:30pm. for spring 2017
So much is running in my head still, i should be okay? because i love myself and my man!
i found out that i need a tattoo that its gonna be 3. i gonna ask my sis to take me, i think its time to experience myself. i already have scares on me so i dont see any different.