always wth love

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2016-11-01 08:30:07 (UTC)

my sis is back in my life

I surprised myself late last night, and am glad i did.
I text my sis on Halloween late last night, it was my head space wasnt good? i know that i couldn't get out of the darkness either way it was push and pull inside my brain. I was weak as fuck! She told bout' she was going treat or tricking, i definitely see happiness shining on that because stuck inside doing homework even that was a lie in its self it i was hiding beneath the truth what was happening in my mind. She told bout her new job for Amazon and she will starting school in the Feb, shes nervous and i tell her the do's and DONT'S so wont fuck up like me! She wantd to know my major too? i told her it was graphic design, the struggle is really and isnt so easy... she was lol at me it made my night at ease off and on. i honestly broken that last night to tell her bout' my bf. she wanted to know how we met? She was happy for me that i found love, and i did too, also need to ask questions bout girls too? she felt partly blame her but, i told her truth it was always apart of me, she understood that too. Sis also asked if aunty knew bout the girls thing? yeah but didnt go well i have only brought it up once to her then quickly end it. She told things that couldnt control told to relax and breathe thats all you can do. My sis has gf bout 3 years now, am glad sh found love in her life too. its good see her smile too.

I use to ask these question of my sis where did you? why havent you found in yet? am miserable without you? and honestly that disappeared last night, i felt like an eight years ago girl in the daycare program. We fade in n' out of our lives several times i forgot this time. I dont loose her again not ounce of it. She reflection of me as am of her, we have a longer history than anyone i known.

Even thou i couldn't sleep at all my brain could turn OFF, i couldnt stop smiling wth thought shes back in my life again:) i didnt go sleep until she text me at 10:02pm to finally get some sleep. I can say she made me breathe again am very happy i hope this hold me together until i see her again or see my bf. We texted bout'3 hrs it was amazing to speak so freely.