The Real Me
2016-10-30 22:31:30 (UTC)

Remember me

Oh how much time has passed between us.

I had a dream last night of Danny. My first boyfriend. As if we were still together. And I thought of him and I missed him and my heart actually ached for him. I didn't realise that a part of me missed him so dearly. What if we were meant to be? What if he was my one true love.

I'm being silly lol. I know I'm never going to speak to him or see him again. I don't know why I felt that sudden ache. In my dream he was so familiar and I guess he is...that's exactly what he is. This familiar figure that I no longer see, speak to or know.

Will I always be alone? Will I ever connect with someone or care for anyone again? Will I have her married, have children , love like I used to or has all the emotion been removed from me? It scares me to think like that. But I'm going to be 27 soon. Can you believe it? I started this diary when I first stared uni and look at me now.