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2016-10-30 08:16:18 (UTC)

10/29/16 Saturday

Got up at 12. Downstairs. JZ only ate a little cheerios. Came up. I disagreed using milk to make JZ oatmeal. He got mad, brought up spitting up again. Said I should go to my dad. Wechat Yung, decided until he asks me to sign I can still stay here. Came down to feed JZ but he won't eat anything today. Up at 7. He came up around 10. Was trying to feed JZ to sleep but he got my eye with the diaper genie refill. I jokingly got mad and went downstairs. Of course he followed me with JZ. Forced him to watch the movie but he said it's boring and appeared annoyed. He is just annoyed by me period. Fine I will give him his happiness back. Came up at 1. JZ is tired.