always wth love

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2016-10-29 15:15:11 (UTC)


First Saturday an while to post on a weekend

Last night I couldn't sleep at all I kept waking up, constantly that I was thinkin' of my bf. I wasn't surprised that he couldn't text me back cause I knew it was a busy week for US... so had distracted myself as much I could did my chores around the house and finished season 1 of one tree hill on Netflix, it was goodnight to just chill all I was missing the fact that I wanted to be wth him and cuddle. So bad.... I felt different when I woke up, I felt numb by it. He texted this morning around 9am it felt good but I felt so weak too.
Hopefully we get to hangout Very very soooon :)

Later tonight gonna watch rest of One Tree Hill of season 2 watched 1/2 of the 2nd episode, and take a cold shower and text my bf too.