always wth love

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2016-10-28 09:34:06 (UTC)

You keep saying let's see how everything goes.

You keep saying let's see how everything goes.

It was there in beginning of our relationship it still hangs there now in my conscious.

Your favorite color is Blue.
Your favorite cereal is Forest Flakes.
You're into like RWBY vol.4 all sorts of amine and action video games and combat too, I found things he likes that makes me happy :)
We have a year of friendship it began some where inn October of last year, we have be together in 6 weeks by tomorrow it will be 7.

I count each week until Saturday comes to be wth you that our only day to be together. I honestly think its very sad, there's are days cant deal wth feeling alone.

Do you? understand how bad I want be just as your girl but more than that, I just want be yours. About a month ago, I thought bout' if had asked for intimacy it would've been mistaken, but now I still feel the same way. I want get married at 25, that's 3 years away now???....i forget to breathe half the time, when i think forth out in my future.

Just thinking long term where we stand now.